2022 Most Remarkable Woman

Empathy defines the life of Rose Grant-Wiseman, an advocate with a mission to never leave any child behind.

With years devoted to listening, it’s her big heart that the Savannah leader uses to see the world through a child’s eyes — helping them work through some of the most difficult moments in their lives.

“A lot of times with trauma, it causes so much more harm. It harms your health; it harms the way you think about things. It also can harm a community because when kids are hurt, they hurt back.”

With more than 20 years as an advocate working with people of all ages dealing with emotional and physical trauma, the community leader said compassion for others led her to a career connecting thousands of families with the resources to heal. Fighting to keep the advocacy center open throughout the pandemic, Rose said she didn’t want the people who needed their help to ever feel like they were alone. Using her love for others to make sure no family is left behind, Rose hopes ever child who walks through the advocacy center’s doors knows their trauma does not define them.

“I think my legacy will always just want to be the one person you can count on. If Rose don’t know the answer, she’s going to find the answer for you. And that’s the main goal for me, just making sure I find the answer.”
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